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Spindle accessories are essential for ensuring operational accuracy. Special high-speed clamping accessories include a range of thermal collets, adaptors and tightening nuts to determine runout accuracy for assembled CNC machine cutting tools. When starting to work with high speed machine spindles, it’s important to note that standard clamping accessories won’t be sufficient to ensure accuracy at higher RPMs.

Thermal Collets

For extended overhang up to 25mm, for solid carbide tools with shank dia. 3.0, 4.0mm:

ER11 SRK thermal collets


Thermal Collet Adaptor


Use with thermal collets ER11 on
standard induction (shrink) units.

Clamping Accessories

ER11 Tightening Nut



ER11 Tightening Wrench


Shaft Lock Key Options

Standard Battery



* Actual size and types of spindle accessories may vary due to configuration modifications and manufacturing processes.

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